A Building That Throws Up,
(The recital of the four Woozies) (2024)

A building that throws up (The recital of the four Woozies), 2024. Mixed fabrics, pulley system, rope; 11,5m x 1,5m

The incredible Natasha Brown and I present to you a series of backdrops for the recital of the four Woozies: “A Building That Throws Up,” a play about places that depart, disappear, or flee.

With this project, we sought to elaborate on the mixed feelings associated with our friends leaving London and the constant emotional and economic precarity of staying in this city. London is an ever-changing chessboard, where people and places are constantly shifting in and out, up and down. Too often, the city engages in an unsustainable dance where fancy skyscrapers chase council houses, and where stories and people disappear in sterile zones.

We imagined flipping the narrative, considering how places would feel about these radical displacements. Would they feel motion-sick? How would they feel about the mould in their houses? How would they feel about an imposed new commercial identity? Would they feel woozy?

Inspired by the boroughs of London where we lived and Italo Calvino’s “Invisible Cities,"  we wrote whimsical stories about these places leaving because they were thirsty, overwhelmed, sick, ashamed, and lost (stories below). We designed four backdrops to represent each area, hanging them on a pulley system that visitors can move to make space for a recital.

The Stories:

Double sided A4 Flyer.