Google, my dear friend (2019)

Google, my dear friend, 2019. VR video. 4096 × 2048 px, 3’ 35’’

It is estimated that almost half of the conversations we make with intelligent virtual assistants (IVA) are of non-utilitarian nature, concerning life, jokes, and existential questions1. Every IVA to these questions responds according to how they have been coded: their opinions are the result of the thoughts of the multiple minds that created them. For this reason, their answers are shaped by the ideologies or social beliefs of their creators. 

Showing the intimate relationship that can be built with an IVA, this piece reveals the emotional limits of this technology to deny the common belief that technological products are always a reliable, neutral source. Immersed in the imaginary, fluid and coloured body landscape of an IVA, in the video we see how this technology deals with emotional or moral issues.

1. S. Davies, Aeon, The quantified heart, 2018,

This project was a collaboration with:
Lorenzo Felletti: Sound and mixing ︎︎︎
Gabriele Perugini: Voice ︎︎︎