Sleepwalker, Learning new habits (2022)

Sleepwalker - Learning new habits, 2022. Display turntable stand, concreate, pinewood, steel pipes, projector, slip ring, DC motor. 50x30 cm. video length: 13’ 37’’

During the lockdown, many domestic spaces had their functions subverted and transformed – a testament to the continuous adaptability of humans and their surroundings. After studying my daily movements at home, I unveiled the complexity of my relationship with the space by exploring the way actions and rooms are partitioned in houses.

With having to learn my habits afresh, darkness helped me to build a non-visual relationship with the familiar space of my home - with “eyes open,” yet closed. In the short film of this performance, the infrared camera not only allows us to see my actions in the dark, but also conveys a surreal environment, relating to the sleepwalk-like state of the preconscious1 when we perform mundane activities. Obsessively, repeatedly projected from a motorized rotating display stand, the images create a disorienting dialogue with the surroundings.

1. Seamon, D. (1980). ‘Body-Subject, Time-Space Routines, and Place-Ballets’, in A. Buttimer & D.Seamon (eds.), The Human Experience of Space and Place. Croom Helm, London. pp.148-165.

Rotation of the display stand

Clips from the video performace