Fragile Place (2022)

Fragile Place, 2022. Sculpture in cement 65x80x100cm, circular system with curtains ø250xH270cm, rotating light.

A space made of dark curtains creates a mobile threshold that can be crossed, generating an in-between space that intertwines the concept of inside and outside. Enclosed in these walls, a perforated sculpture projects window-shaped lights over the curtains, revealing life within its heavy materiality of concrete. These lights resonate repeatedly from afar, throwing a spotlight on the ongoing question of humanity’s relationship with their surroundings.

Places that we have always considered stable entities are now fragile, exposed to the continuous changes and instability of the world. Exploring the bond between humans and places, the ever-dynamic entity concentrates our being into a shape that can be habitable, embodying the intrinsic coexistence of the act of dwelling and that of living.

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Installation View from ‘The Dwelling of a Flower Picked Yesterday’ (part of ‘IRL’ Postgrad Final Degree Show).

Fragile Place, 2022. Cement, rotating light. 65x80x100cm.