Everywhere, Everywhere, Everywhere (2023)

Everywhere, Everywhere, Everywhere, 2023. Hoover's mix of dust debris, LED screen; Dimensions of the piles are variable, videos: 1920x1080px, duration: 1h 15'.

'Everywhere, Everywhere, Everywhere' is the result of 3 encounters that took place in the homes of some strangers I met through my neighbourhood Facebook group. These people allowed me to vacuum the floors and collect dust and dirt from their hoovers. This seemingly mundane act of cleaning gave me privileged access to their intimate space: their objects, past and values – where even everyday waste bears witness to the presence of people's experience of places.

The project features a pile of dust and debris that sits in a corner, covering and revealing a screen displaying the documentation of the cleaning process and my conversations with the tenants. The dusty and grimy pile not only serves as evidence of the encounters but also establishes a site-specific connection with the exhibiting space. Its presence attempts to remind us of the fragility and instability of places, with dust and debris functioning as physical manifestations of the passage of time and the ever-changing nature of our surroundings.

To me, this mixture of materials is a concrete testimony to the transformative power of places, emphasising that nothing is ever truly stable or permanent. The illusion of stability1 in our homes or favourite places is just that—an illusion. ‘Everywhere, Everywhere, Everywhere’ seeks to challenge our relationship with the spaces we inhabit and to embrace the inevitable changes that come with the passage of time.

With the materials I collected from the hoovers I created a second project: Illusions of Stability.

1. Bachelard, G. (2014). The poetics of space. Trans. M. Jolas. Penguin Group, New York.

Videos of the 3 encounters from Everywhere, Everywhere, Everywhere, 2023.