Illusions of Stability (2022)

Illusions of Stability, 2022. Three sheets made of dust, dirt and mixed paper, UV printed. A3 each.

‘Illusions of Stability’ is the result of 3 encounters that took place in the homes of some strangers I met through my neighbourhood Facebook group. These people allowed me to vacuum the floors and collect dust and dirt from their hoovers.

Using the collected materials, I crafted three unique sheets. Each sheet is a combination of dust, debris and dirt and is imprinted with the addresses of the houses I had cleaned. The process involved a careful mixing of the materials, resulting in sheets that serve as a tangible representation of my interaction with these spaces and their inhabitants. These sheets showcase seemingly insignificant and even unpleasant elements, but upon closer inspection, they reveal much about the people and their experiences in their homes.

The documentation of the process and the conversations I had with the tenants during the encounters became a second project: Everywhere, Everywhere, Everywhere.

The street signs of the 3 houses