Golden Cage (2021)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, videotelephony software became reassuring places to access others and stay connected. In a video call, we enter the interlocutors' houses, and we get close to people confidentially, cancelling the hidden laws of proxemics. 

In these three video calls on Zoom the participants spy on the host from afar, through the frame of a window. This voyeuristic scenario is a space that requires effort to be accessed: the participants eavesdrop on distorted whispers coming from behind the walls and glimpse actions of an eerie and tormenting routine that recalls the experience of the lockdown.

Golden Cage, 2021. 3 Live Performances on Zoom. 1’ 10” each

Golden Cage, 2021. 3 Live Performances on Zoom. 1’ 10” each

The dynamics that we hear and see in the video calls are linked to my previous project ‘indagine: L'uso della casa durante l'isolamento’, a survey about how the domestic spaces and our habits changed during the lockdown. With the aim of giving a voice to the strangers who participated in the survey, I invited volunteers to collaborate, each of whom was randomly assigned one of the pages of the survey to read and record. This resulted in 62 voices becoming the whispers from behind the walls.

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For this project I collaborated with:
Stefano Mastromarino: Set Designer ︎︎︎
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